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Housing Management Performance April 2014 to March 2015

The table below shows our performance in various Housing Management functions to 31 March 2015.

As can be seen, we equalled or exceeded our agreed targets for the year.  We always try to find ways to continually improve and ensure that the services we offer provide maximum benefit as well as value for money to our tenants and customers alike.

Performance in Housing Management April 2014 - March 2015
IndicatorPerformance to 31st March 2015Year End TargetPrevious Years' PerformanceWhat this means for you!

Maximum rent loss on vacant properties


0.9% of annual rental income

0.39% of annual rental incomeWe can keep rent increases as low as possible.

Current Tenant Rent Arrears (as % of the total annual rent receivable)




We offer support/advice to help tenants remain in their homes.

Keeps our costs low and therefore rent increases as low as possible.

Number of calendar days to let a property

13.7 calendar days

15 calendar days

15.2 calendar days

We can keep rent increases low.

Properties become available quickly which benefits the area.

No problems with empty properties eg vandalism.

Processing of housing application forms

6.9 calendar days

15 calendar days

6.3 calendar days

Your transfer housing application form will be dealt with quickly.

Applicants are aware of their prospects for housing.

Investigating neighbour complaints by category:

A - Extreme
B - Serious
C - Dispute

A no complaints received

B 100% (10) within timescale

C 100% (37) within timescale

Overall 100% investigated within timescale, 96% resolved/concluded within timescale.

A - 1 working day

B - 10 working days

C - 15 working days

A - none received

B - 100% (16) within timescale

C - 100% (51) within timescale

We manage your area in a sensitive manner.

Better place to live if ASB issues dealt with promptly.

Happier within your community.

Getting on with your neighbours.