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Paying your rent

Your rent is due on the 28th of each month in advance.
You can pay your rent:

  • by direct debit out of your bank or building society account
  • by payment over the counter at any Post Office using your swipe card
  • by payment at any Paypoint outlet using your swipe card
  • by post or in person at Clydebank Housing Association offices using a cheque
  • by debit card over the phone to
  • over the internet at : please note we are unable to take cash payments at the office

If You Decide To Pay By Direct Debit

Many tenants will find this is the easiest and most convenient method of payment.  Setting up your direct debit is quick and simple and the Direct Debit Guarantee protects against any incorrect payments and ensures that any incorrect payments are refunded if a mistake is made.  Please contact the office and we can set this up over the telephone.  No forms are needed and the process takes five minutes.

If You Choose to Pay at The Post Office

The Post Office

You can pay your rent at any Post Office or Sub-Post Office in the United Kingdom. You can either pay by cash or cheque.  Just present your swipe card with your chosen payment method to the cashier. You make cheques payable to ‘Post Office Counters Ltd’. You will be issued with a receipt which you should keep as proof of payment.

If You Choose to Pay at a Paypoint Outlet


You can pay your rent at any outlet which has a ‘PayPoint’ notice.  Give your swipe card to the assistant with your cash. Some outlets will also accept cheques.  You will be issued with a receipt which you should keep as proof of payment.  You can search for a payment outlet online at

If You Wish to Pay at The Association’s Offices

You cannot use cash. You can either post or bring in a cheque made payable to Clydebank Housing Association writing your name and address on the back.  This method can take three working days to reach your account after we have presented your cheque to the bank.  Therefore if you choose this method please make sure that you pay in plenty of time for your rent to be credited to your account on 28th of each month.

If you pay by Debit Card

You can contact and pay your rent this way.  You will need to have both your debit card and Swipe card handy when you phone (0844 557 8321), or use the internet (

If you lose or have you swipe card stolen you should notify your Housing Assistant immediately at the Association’s offices.

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