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CHA Power Customers

Please accept our sincere apologies for the breakdown of our CHP system last week.  We appreciate that this caused disruption and inconvenience to residents with the loss of heating and hot water during periods when the system was down. 

Following breakdown issues at the beginning of the week, we were assured that the system had been repaired fully going into the Glasgow Fair long weekend, only for a further breakdown to occur on the Friday.  Despite further repairs and assurances that day, the system again failed on the Saturday with further repairs necessary.  We acknowledge that this was unacceptable.

Please be assured that following these incidents we have enhanced our procedures so that any future breakdowns are dealt with in a more timely fashion.  We also continue to monitor the system closely and will ensure that any further necessary works are carried out timeously to avoid any further issues going forward.

During the 6 days between Monday 8 July 2019 and Saturday 13 July 2019, the CHAP system was down for periods in excess of 4 hours per day for 5 days.  In view of this and in recognition of the significant loss of service, a total of 6 days credit will now be made to all CHAP customers.  There is no need to do anything as all credits will be automatically applied to CHAP accounts. 
Once again, please accept our apologies for all inconvenience caused.