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Claiming Housing Benefit

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to cover all or part of your rent.  You do not need to be receiving other benefits to qualify.   If you receive Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance, you will be entitled to receive Housing Benefit.  If you are working or on any other benefit, if Housing Benefit is paid it is likely not to cover your full rent.  This means that you will have to make a weekly or monthly contribution towards your rent.  West Dunbartonshire Council administer Housing Benefit.  They will notify you of how much benefit you will receive.

How do I claim?

Contact the Housing Benefit Department at West Dunbartonshire Council (Rosebery Place, Clydebank, Tel: 01389 738555).  It is important to put your claim in as quickly as possible as benefit is paid only from the Monday following the date of claim.  Further information (e.g. details of your income, wage slips etc can be provided later). We can also check your Housing Benefit form at our office and verify any relevant documentation if necessary.  We will then pass this on to the Council.

What documents do I need to show the Council?

You will need to provide proof of income to the Council i.e. your 3 most recent payslips or if you are not working confirmation of what benefits you are receiving. All income should be declared.

You will also have to provide proof of your identity e.g. a passport or birth certificate.

How is it paid?

Housing Benefit is paid by cheque either to you or directly to the Association.  If you ask for it to be paid to you, we will still expect your rent to be paid in advance.  If you choose to have it paid to Clydebank Housing Association, we can accept that the part of the rent paid by Housing Benefit is received from the Council in arrears.

What about Council Tax?

Council Tax is a local tax collected by your Council to help pay for local services.  Your bill will be based on the relative value of your property to others in the area.  There are discounts, including where only one person occupies a property and Council Tax Benefit is also available to people on low incomes.  For more information contact West Dunbartonshire Council (Tel: 01389 737444) who administer Council Tax.