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ISARO Community Initiative

ISARO Community Initiative is a community-led organisation based at Centre81. Established in 2010 the organisation aims to promote social and economic integration of new community members from ethnic minorities background. Through a multidisciplinary project, ISARO offers a wide range of services for the benefit of adults, children and young people of all age. Support provided include:

-Provision of advice and information on various matters to assist new members to integrate easily.
-Offering learning opportunities such as English classes, sewing classes, keep fit sessions
-Skills development for young people
-Providing emergency support and advice to folks experiencing financial hardship.

ISARO also hosts regular multicultural events that bring community members together in Clydebank and beyond.

Having their base at Centre81 has been a great opportunity to bring people from diverse backgrounds together and strengthen community cohesion.
For more information please visit www.isaroinitiative.org.uk.