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Thinking of Moving?

We appreciate that some tenants will at some point want to give up their tenancy.  Our aim is to help make this process as straight forward and easy as possible.

The first step is to contact your Housing Assistant and arrange an end of tenancy interview.  This will normally be at our office, however we do offer home visits for the elderly, infirm and disabled.  At the interview we will agree a date for you to hand in your keys and advise you of any steps you must take.

You must ensure any outstanding rent is paid in full, as this can affect any future housing applications you make.  We are willing in some cases to make a suitable repayment agreement taking into account income and expenditure.

All our properties are let with at least two sets of keys, and you must hand in the same number of sets of keys that were given to you when your tenancy strarted.  If you fail to do this we will charge you for the missing keys.

You must make an appointment with our Maintenance Department to have an end of tenancy inspection carried out.

You will find a link below to our pre end of tenancy advice leaflet.  The leaflet gives a detailed list of things that must be done before you hand in your keys.  Please note that all tenants will be charged for the rectification of any unauthorised alterations to the property.