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Project Feedback

We are delighted to have finished the first year of our Scottish Government Investing in Communities Fund (ICF) project (2023-2026).

We'd love to gather feedback from the community by asking you about our activities and how effective you found them and how much you enjoyed them.  We'd also love to gather new and fresh ideas for activities you'd like us to carry out at Centre81.

Some of the activities covered by the ICF this year included:

  • Bike Mechanic and free bike repairs
  • Community gardener and garden advice
  • ISARO Community Initiative weekly activities
  • Strathclyde Autistic Society weekly activities
  • Wide range of low cost fitness classes
  • Centre81 Steering Group weekly sports club
  • Cooking classes
  • Bone health workshops and mindfullness courses

Please provide your feedback and ideas below!

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