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Strathclyde Autistic Society

Strathclyde Autistic Society (SAS) was formed in 1992 by a group of parents from Glasgow and the surrounding area whose children had been diagnosed with autism.

Initially it was support meetings and direct contact via telephone, connecting families to families helping with the feeling of isolation which seemed to be a very big issue.

It became more evident that more support was needed and an office was set up to give a home to members as the first step. In 2012 SAS moved to Centre81.
In 2014, in partnership with Clydebank Housing Association and with funding from the Scottish Government’s People & Communities Fund, they started delivering their Sports & Art Clubs every week.

The club runs every Friday night, 5-7pm and and Saturday mornings, 10-12 noon, all free of charge!
The club is open to anyone on the autistic spectrum and their siblings aged 6 - 23.  SAS offer a wide range of activities including football, basketball, tennis, badminton etc. They also have an art room where they paint, sculpt, glue, tie dye, marble and more!

There is also a quiet, separate calm room to chill out and relax.

To find out when the next club is or if you have any further questions, requests or suggestions please contact us via Facebook (www.facebook.com/sasclubsclydebank) or email us: strathclyde81@yahoo.com.