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Applying for a House

To apply to Clydebank Housing Association for a house you must first complete and submit our Housing Application Form. If you are applying for medical reasons you must also complete the medical form.  

You can get a housing application form and medical form by:

The You and Your Application booklet provides a wealth of information to help you understand our Allocations Policy.  It also provides postage requirement information before returning your application by post.

Housing Application Pack

You can print and complete the forms or fill them in on the computer.  To do so you must save the form(s) onto your computer and complete it (them) fully before returning it (them).  (The form has no 'auto-save' function).   You will need Adobe Acrobat (free) to view/complete our forms.  You can then attach your application to an email to applications@clydebank-ha.org.uk.  

Please note (regarding Apple devices): When an Adobe Form is opened on an Apple device e.g. iPhone, iPad etc. it uses the function called Apple Preview instead of Adobe Acrobat. If a PDF form is filled out with Apple Preview it will not show the data in the form fields when opened in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader on a Mac or PC.  Applicants should ensure that the form is downloaded to their Apple device, then opened and completed using the Adobe Acrobat App.

The information submitted to us on this Housing Application form is covered by our Fair Processing Notice, available here.

What Next?

When we receive your application it will be pointed in accordance with our allocations policy and you will receive a letter confirming how many points you have. Provided you have completed the form in full and supplied all required information, we aim to complete this process within 10 calendar days from receipt of your application. Our allocations policy is also available to download from the table below.

If you have any questions relating to applying for a house, please contact our Housing Management section via the contact details above. Don’t forget to sign and date your form before submitting it (except for editable form)!  

Housing Applicant Newsletter