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Rooms for Hire

Centre81 is available for rental throughout the week, 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-1pm, although space tends to be limited.  Centre81 is used regularly by local organisations and private individuals for meetings, conferences, training courses, support and interest groups and sports and leisure activities. Please contact Reception on 0141 533 7070 for rates and availability. Listed below are our facilities:

main-hall-centre81Centre81 Main Hall

Main Hall - The Main Hall has a capacity of 220 people. The hall is regularly used for conferences and sports. The hall has a PA system and there are many layout options available.


Centre81 Youth Room

The Youth Room - The Youth Room has a capacity of 30 people. This room can be set up as a boardroom if needed and is used for meetings, dance classes, yoga and support groups.

Centre81-creche-roomCentre81 Creche Room

The Creche Room - A creche run within this room can legally accommodate 17 children. Other uses of the space can accommodate more.


Centre81 IT Suite

The IT Room - The IT Room in the Centre contains 8 PCs, all installed with the latest software.

IT Suite

Centre81 Art Room

Our lovely newly refurbished room, The Art Room, is available for hourly, half-day, daily or longer term hires.

Centre81 Garden Room

The lovely recently refurbished Garden Room at Centre is a safe and calming space and can hold up to 6 people.

Fancy a game of Badminton? 

Why not hire a court and equipment for only £1.50 per person, please call 0141 533 7070 for more information or to book a court.

For more information, prices or to book a room or check availability, please call 0141 533 7070 and ask for Ali or Jean.