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Tenant Responsibilities

  1. Tenants must keep the interior of the house in good and clean condition and good decorative order.
  2. Tenants must with other occupiers, sweep and clean the common parts, including close and stairs, back court areas, drying areas, bin stores etc. This should be carried out on a weekly basis at least, or as required unless such cleaning is provided as a service.
  3. Tenants must report promptly to the Association, any defect or disrepair including that which is due to accidental damage or as a result of vandalism.
  4. Tenants must repair or replace items damaged through neglect or carelessness on the part of the tenant, any member of the tenant’s household or their visitors.
  5. Tenants are responsible for damage to glass, sink or sanitary ware, choked sinks or sanitary ware (if the choke is found to be the fault of the tenant), replacement sink plugs or chains, light bulbs and starters including fluorescent strip lights, smoke alarm batteries, internal door handles, lost or broken keys and any cost incurred through forcing entry due to lost keys and toilet seats.
  6. Tenants must allow the Association’s employees and/or approved contractors access at all reasonable hours to inspect the condition of the house or to carry out repairs to the house or adjoining property. The Association will give the tenant 24 hours notice of access being required, except in the case of an emergency, when access will be required to be given immediately.
  7. Tenants should ensure that access hatches are not blocked or tiled over. Some properties may have hatches allowing access to common services; these should be kept clear at all times.