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Rent Setting 2022-2023

Our consultation for the above period has now closed (20 January).  The Management Committee has made a decison at its meeting on 02 February 2022 on the rent increase for this period and it will be 1.5%.  The Rent Setting Policy 2022-23 considered by the Management Committee, containing consultation and other information is available here.  Below are the options that were presented to tenants and sharing owners for this period.

Option 1 - 1.5% - Continued delivery of services already provided to our tenants including property maintenance, management and planned investment in your home (as detailed on page 3 of the booklet in the table below).

Option 2 - 2.0% - As per option 1 plus a dedicated fund of c. £21,400 for additional wellbeing services for tenants including:

  • fuel vouchers
  • food vouchers
  • other support provisions for those who need it

Option 3 - 2.5% - As per option 1 and 2 alongside an additional c. £21,400 (total of £42,800) to expand our welfare rights or our tenancy sustainment services for residents.