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Fire Safety Announcement

Fire Safety

We understand that some tenants may have concerns regarding fire safety in the multi-storey flats following the terrible events in London last week. We want to assure all tenants that there is no cause for alarm at Radnor Park.

In order to reassure tenants we are reviewing all fire safety and evacuation procedures but in the meantime the current advice/information should be followed:

  • The buildings have been designed and built with safety in mind. The walls, the doors between flats, stairs and corridors are specially designed to resist fire and stop the spread of smoke. When they are not in use these doors should be kept closed.
  • It will normally be safe for you to stay in your own flat but if your flat is affected by heat or smoke leave at once, closing windows and doors behind you. Never use the lift in the event of a fire – always use the stairs.
  • Ensure the fire exit door, located in one of the bedrooms, is not blocked and can be easily opened if required. If you have any difficulty opening this door let us know immediately and we will arrange for it to be serviced.
  • Ensure there are no items of furniture, plants etc. on your landing. These items can accelerate a fire and hinder fire fighters who may be trying to rescue occupants from a flat.
  • Our caretakers carry out daily inspections of common areas and this enables us to identify and act on any health & safety issues.
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service also carry out regular inspections.
  • We have robust maintenance systems in place to ensure any fire-fighting equipment is checked on a regular basis.

We have instructed an independent company to carry out a fire risk assessment and will inform tenants of the findings and implement any recommendations.

Alison Macfarlane
Maintenance Manager